Monday, April 22, 2013

April 2013 Jersey Devil Home Haunters Meeting

We had our monthly meeting this past Sunday (04/21/13).  Our newest member, Araniella, was able to make her 1st meeting with us. Now after meeting us, she is still will to come back :) 

The meeting 
consisted of members working on existing project they had started or presenting demos. Death's Door worked on her PVC candles, Araniella worked on making spooky dolls and I presented were I was at in "corpsing" out funkin (foam pumpkin) I was working on. 

Demos were given on:

  1. Making latex make-up appliance on a budget
  2. Creating super cheap and easy make-up pustules/sores
  3. Fake glass shards out of used clear plastic walk-in freezer door panes.
  4. Zombie arm using your arm, cheap plastic warp, duct tape and bubble wrap (you will need a 2nd person to "tape you up" though
In addition, we all discussed our future plans and projects for later meetings.  Death's Door and I then recorded a segment on her PVC candle making for the next podcast segment.

Our next get together will take use to the National Haunters Convention on May 4th, 2013.  For those in the Philladelphia, PA area and how may be interested here the link:

As always, for those who are new to home haunting, here are some quick links to some of the projects I just mentioned in this post.

PVC candles

Creepy Dolls

Note: check out the rest of this website, great stuff and a great book)

Ok thats all for now

In Dark Service to the Nightmare that is Halloween.
--- Grim Ghost

Friday, April 19, 2013

Episode 0 / Preview show for Home Haunting Jersey Devil Style podcast segment

Here is the narrative for our very first podcast segment:

"Welcome to the 1st episode of Home Haunting Jersey Devil Style.  My name is Grim Ghost. My friends and I formed a group that gets together regularly to make are own Halloween props.  We call ourselves the Jersey Devil Home Haunters.  We picked this name based on all us living in Southern NJ and the local legend who dwells here.

So what is home haunting you ask.  Home haunters are people who are really into Halloween. I am sure that you have seen that one house in your neighborhood that is really done up for Halloween.  Not the ones with just some lights and a jack o’lanterns, but the ones with graveyards, coffins, skeletons fog machines and witches to.  Those are the people who are serious about their Halloween decorating.  And that would be our group.

So for those of you who would like to be home haunters and did not know how to get started or seasoned home haunters who wants more information and tips, this show is for you.

In upcoming episodes we will cover topics like:
a.       Getting started either by getting store bought props or making your own
b.      Homemade Prop building using low cost materials and stuff found around the house.
c.       Getting ideas for your props from the web and Youtube.
d.      Finding online forums devoted to Home Haunting.  These forums are great for getting prop ideas and tutorials.  They are also a great way to make new home haunting friends or find a local home haunting group near you.
e.      Halloween Trade shows and Conventions. Events and happenings related to Halloween.
f.        Reviews of Books about Home Haunting, Halloween parties and the History of the Halloween itself.
g.       For those home haunters with children, we will discuss Family-related things to do like
                                                               i.      Halloween Projects for kids
                                                             ii.      Halloween themed movies/specials for kids
h.      And lastly what Things to do during the off Halloween Season.  One such activity is to participate in is the Krampus parades and activities that happen in December. Krampus, whos that you say.  Well that is a subject for later in the year.  Hopefully I can get my friends over at the Philadelphia Krampuslauf to come on an episode and explain more about Krampus.  Till then good  listeners just Google him and you will find out. 

Since it would be impossible to present everything we talked in just a audio podcast segment.  I have come up with both a Blogspot  page and Facebook page to provide visual support.  The pages will have the instructions, links, pictures and websites for the topics we will cover in each show segment. Our blogspot is ( and to find our FB page, just search for Home Haunting Jersey Devil Style.

Since this is the first episode, I will present something quick and easy to do.  Go to  and check it out.  This website is the premiere place to get ideas and tutorials on making home haunting props.  It is a great place to start if you are either a beginner home haunter or even a seasoned one looking for prop ideas.

Well that’s all for now. Our next show will be recorded at one of our Home Haunt gatherings.  In it we will provide some starter prop building ideas and how to get started with online forums.

Lastly I would like to Thank Mr Steve Harrison for letting us use a verse from his great Jersey Devil song as our show intro.  Portrait, the album that it is on can be found on  Just search for Steve Harrison and Crosscountry under Music and MP3 and it will come up (Also just click on the highlighted name and it will go to Amazon for you).  I will also have a link to the album and his youtube page on the blogspot page.

That’s all for now listeners.  This has been Grim Ghost, In Dark Service to the Nightmare that is Halloween, signing off."

Home Haunting Jersy Devil Style is Live on the 6FT Plus podcast

The Preview show, episode 0, of our audio podcast segment premiered today on the 6Ft Plus Spooky Music podcast.  Go check it out, it is Episode 56 "Witches be Trippin".  Just click on the episode name, then click the "download" link on the page that opens up.

This just the 1st show/preview show, so it is short.  Future episodes will have more content.

6Ft Plus is  a weekly music podcast devoted to presenting spooky horror music that has a basic rock-a-billy/goth-a-billy type feel to it.  Give them a try.  I find it to be a excellent show to find new "Halloween" type music that normally would never be exposed to.

-- Grim Ghost

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Welcome to the Home Haunting Jersey Devil Style blog.  We our a group of Home Haunters from Southern New Jersey USA.  We chose the name "Jersey Devil Home Haunters" for the group from the creature of local legend that inhabits the pinelands of south NJ.  

So what are home haunters you ask?  We are people who are really into Halloween.  So much so that we spend the whole year making our own props and decorations to haunt our homes for Halloween..

With this blog our group can share its knowledge on haunt with others.  So if you are really into Halloween to and have thought about "haunting your house", then follow our blog.  We will start to show you how.