Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Episode - Pictures for Fake Arm Tutorial

As promised, here are the pictures (in order) to go along with YogoSoth's great fake arm tutorial.  Just click on the picture and you will be taken google album they are in.

Friday, May 3, 2013

May Epsiode - PVC candle additional info


Death's Door's - PVC candles in progress (shot 1)

Death's Door's - PVC candles in progress (shot 2)

Death's Door's - PVC candles in progress (Overhead Shot)

General supplies list

  1. PVC plastic piping from hardware store.  You can get them in either 2ft lengths or 10ft lengths.  one 10ft piece will yield a LOT candles. To start with, use the 1.5" diameter size.  It perfectly fits a dollar store type battery tealight. Once you have masterd that, you can get large diameter pipe to play with.   5" size for example would fit 2 or 3 battery tealights.
  2. Battery tealights from any dollar store, Walmart or Target.
  3. Hot Glue gun from a craft store  or Walmart/Target.  We recommend getting a large model to hold the large glue sticks.  Will cut down on time having to switch out glue sticks.
  4. Glue Stick for glue gun - Craft Store/Walmart/Target
  5. Mini Wax Stain - Hardware store
  6.  Sanding paper, light grade - Hardware store, to sand the black letters off the PVC pipe that are placed on them by the manufacturer.
  7. White paint - Hardware store
  8. Chip Brush - Hardware store
  9.  Styrofoam - use can use as piece from a section of insulation foam found at harware stores or just get a small craft piece at a craft store.
  10. Hand saw or electric saw.  This is used to cut the PVC pipe down to the sizes you want (i.e 5" high candles, 3" candles, etc).  Also used to due the angle cut the Death's Door did on her PVC candles to give them a "uneven" melted look. But if you like the "even" melt look, you can skip that step.

Here are some on-line step by step tutorials
 I would check out the other links that are at this site also.  I will be doing a full review on these series of books in a future episode.
This version use great stuff expand insulation foam to fill the inside of the pvc camdle.  You can still just use a piece of Styrofoam glued in place to do the job faster and easier.  I would follow all of threads for this post.  The author stated that other Home Haunters had add better ideas for getting this tutorial done.

May episode online at this weeks 6ft plus podcast

A new "Home Haunting Jersey Devil Style" episode is online on the latest 6ft Plus podcast. Here is a link to the show. Go check it out.
I will be uploading the supplies, links and pictures relevant to this show tonight.
Spread the word about our segment and the podcast to everyone you know. 6ft Plus is a excellent spooky music podcast.