Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Episode - In Remembrance

This being the 4th of July weekend, I would like to give remembrance to the numerous men and women who have laid down their lives so we can be in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

In particular I will tell the story of the long forgotten heroes of WWII called the Creature Commandos

During the dark days of WWII the Allies struggle to get a upper hand of over the Axies powers. For that purpose Project M was created. It is a secret government organization that specializes in using highly
experimental biotechnology and necromancy both to enhance human soliders giving them superhuman abilities and have them strike fear into
the hearts of the enemy.

The first success of the project were the initial Creature commandos. They were:

Sgt. Vincent Velcoro – Vincent volunteered for the project in order to commute a 30-year sentence in the brig for fighting with a officer.
He was given the power, strength and abilities of a living Vampire He could now change form into mist, bat or wolf. Though he had no weakness to sunlight,, he he still need blood to survive.

Pvt. Warren Griffith – Warren was a simple farm boy who suffered from clinical lycanthrophapy. Project M gave him the ability to change into
a true Werewolf. Initial his transformations happened uncontrollably , but he soon learned how to master them. Once changed, he had the power, speed, agility and senses of a full grown male werewolf.

Pvt. Elliot "Lucky" Taylor – Lucky barely survived stepping on a mine. He was stitched back together and greatly enhanced, against his will. He was the pinnacle of Project M work. His great strength allowed him to bend steel in his bare hands and easily over turn a Panzar tank. Nothing short of a exploding shell could penetrate his skin. The trade off for this was that he now resembles the Frankenstein monster of legend, In addition his damaged vocal cords left him permanently mute.

One year later, Dr Myrra Rhodes join the team. After a freak lab accident exposed her to experimental chemicals of both a biotech and necromantic nature, all of her hair was turned into a writhing mass of living deadly poisonous snakes. This made her a living gorgon. Over time she also learned the art of temporarily stunning (or "stoning" as she called it) her victims like the Medusa of old.

The Creature Commandos were lead by a tough as nails human solider call Lt. Matthew Shrieve. It was very evident that he had very little respect for the men and woman under his command. The derogatory terms and names he called them show this. I would like to thing in our modern age he would have long been court martialed for his attitudes.

The Creature Commandos performed a number of high successful missions for the US and her allies during WWII. unfortunately most of these msiions are still classified and can not be told.

Often they were joined by another Project M success J.A.K.E. J.A.K.E. was the worlds first self aware robot solider. The original J.A.K.E. sacrificed his life on dangerous mission to save the rest of the commandos. Not long after J.A.K.E. 2 soon join the Creature Commandos serving with them as honorably as his fallen brother.

After WWII, the Creature Commando and J.A.K.E. 2 disappeared from history. The US Military will not comment on this fact even to this day. Official, they are listed as missing in action.

They only written information that can be found is contained in a old Time Warner book series about the bizarre and weird weapons that were made for modern warfare. Some mention of the creature commandos can be found through out volumes 93 thru 124.

The only historical footage of the team in action is was found in this clip DE-classified as part of the information fairness act of 1971
. It can be still seen here:

The only memorial every dedicated to them was built over 40 years ago in the Ghastly Grove cemetary. A small graveyard located in southern New Jersey. I will try to get over there to provide pictures of it then post them when I get a chance.

To the Creature Commandos, unsung heroes of WWII. Thank you for serving and protecting us.

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